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Finding Family from Ship’s Passenger Lists

Have you ever wondered where you came from? Unless you’re descended from a country’s own native people, your family must have immigrated to your country generations ago. As time passes, many people have forgotten where their families originally lived and it can be difficult to find out. One of the best ways to figure out where your family came from is by using the passenger lists from ships that docked in your country. Here are links provided by the Action Car, Ship, Boat and Yacht Donation Service Corporation that will help you to find passenger lists and pages with information about searching for this information.

1836 Passenger List: Provides passenger lists from ships that entered into Baltimore ports in 1836.

Boston Passenger Lists: An archive of passenger lists from ships that entered Boston ports in the 1800s.

Steamline Passenger Lists: Detailed passenger lists from ships that traveled in the 1800s and 1900s.

Great Lakes Passenger Lists: Searchable database of passenger list names from ships that entered into the Great Lakes ports.

The New Zealander: Passenger list from a ship that left Liverpool and docked in Portland Bay.

SS “Aorangi”:: Passenger list from a ship that left Plymouth and docked in Auckland.

Sch. Nesesidad: A passenger list from this ship which docked in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Dove: Passenger list from The Dove, a ship that docked in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

Johnson Galley: A passenger listing from a German ship that docked in Pennsylvania.

The Alexander: A passenger list from an Irish ship that docked in New York City.

The St. Andrew: Passenger list from a ship that departed from Rotterdam and landed in Plymouth.

German Ship Passenger Lists: An extensive list of surnames and ships that docked at various United States ports.

Guy Mannering: Passenger list from a ship that left Liverpool and arrived in New York City.

The Gale: Passenger list from a ship that carried Protestants to Nova Scotia.

Ellis Island Arrivals: A list of surnames compiled from passenger lists of ships that entered into Ellis Island.

Bark Irvine: Passenger list from a ship that left Galway and entered New York.

S.S. Prestoria: Site with a passenger list from a ship that left Cuxhaven and sailed into New York.

Chas. N. Cooper: Passenger list for a ship that left an unknown port and arrived in Galveston, Texas.

The Vesta: A ship that entered into a Michigan port in 1847.

The Kent: Passenger list for a ship that left London for a New Jersey port in 1677.

Royal Admirer: Passenger list for a ship that transported male and female criminals to Sydney.

The Empress: A long passenger list from a ship that left Liverpool and landed in Quebec.

The Adventure Galley: Reconstructed passenger list from a ship that landed in Plymouth.

Buckinghamshire: Passenger list from another ship that entered Port Adelaide in the 1800s.

Wilmington: Passenger list from a ship that docked in Belfast.

Ship Resource List: Provides links to multiple sites with information about ships categorized by country of origin.

Immigrant Ships: An extensive database of ship passenger lists that’s divided up by country, year, and ship name.

Immigration Lists: Links to passenger lists to and from the United States.

Norway Heritage: Allows users to search their surname and see if it matches that of recorded passenger lists.

Ellis Island Database: Ellis Island database that allows users to search by ship name for last names.

A Guide to Interpreting Passenger List Annotations: Explains how to read passenger list markings.

1940 Federal Census – website of Steve Morse & Joel Weintaub offers help understanding how to use the 1940 census. Article appeared in TS Vol 53-3-2011.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Holocaust Documents

Battle of Black Jack of Black Jack

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers

Civil War Battlefields on Kansas Soil

DNA – A Relatively Simple Explanation

Florida State Genealogical Society

Forgotten Settlers of Kansas Program

Other states with similar Forgotten Settlers programs or websites with lists or publications:

Arkansas –

California –

Montana –

Oklahoma – engine; lots of Native American information)

Oregon –

Utah – (click on “History Cards” to search for names)

How To Safely Make Cemetery “Rubbings” On Grave Markers and Tombstones

MOCAVO – The World’s Largest Free Search engine for Genealogists

The Next Generation – Genealogy program

Notes on Kansas Civil War Soldiers in the Colorado & Wyoming GAR

 Oklahoma Historical Society


Rathbun, Rathbone, Rathburn International Family Assoc, Inc.

South Carolina Department of Archives & History 


Titanic’s Unknown Child Given New, Final Identity 

Wisconsin State Genealogical Society