GUIDELINES for SUBMITTING QUERIES to “The Trading Post” in The Treesearcher.

Queries are accepted from KGS members only and are FREE.  

Each query is limited to 50 words (not including your name and address) and must have a date and location or other identifying data. Please type or print clearly. 

Address queries to: 

2601 Central Ave

Suite 17LL

Dodge City, KS 67801

You may also submit queries by email to Treesearcher Editor.

Please include your complete name, address and KGS membership number.

Queries are published as space permits. The deadlines for “The Trading Post” are the 1sth day of February, May, August and November for the next quarterly issue.

Follow the “W” Rule: Let your query state WHO, WHEN, WHERE and WHAT you want to know.  

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